Africa’s art and craft reflects the continent’s rich cultural diversity. You’ll find skilled craftsmen and women working everywhere, from the pavements and vibrant markets of Africa’s big cities, to remote rural villages and areas. Traditional objects find new markets around the world as African’s creative skills evolve in interesting ways.

Africa has no shortage of creative talent, reflected in the output of artists and craftsmen and women from around the continent. African arts and crafts are made from every possible medium. Traditional materials like beads, grass, leather, wood and clay are worked using traditional skills, while materials such as telephone wire, plastic bags, glass and bottle tops are used to create vibrant, contemporary craft items that reflect our cultural diversity.

Art and craft objects in Africa include items like wire art and eco-friendly bags made from recycled bottle tops , traditional beadwork, pottery and woven baskets, tableware, fabrics, ceramics and beautiful wooden carvings. Dexterity International Crafts taps into these unique arts and crafts and brings them to our valuable customers.

2 and 3 knots Elephants hair bracelets :

These are our signature products. It’s a good looking bracelet, it’s inexpensive, and it comes from Zimbabwe. Should you get the urge to do some research, you’ll find that other vendors of elephant hair bracelets (many with intricate designs) charge $100 or more for them. Definitely a unique bracelet. Not something you see often if at all unless you live in Africa. Simple, but looks very exotic. Amazing price compared to other online sellers. This is about 30% cheaper than what other online sellers are selling these for. Elephant hair bracelets are created by using hair from the tail of an elephant. This hair is collected along the paths that elephants walk and at watering holes. Elephants walk along the same paths for many years -some paths are as old as 200 years although modern man has had a severe impact on the ecology. Many successful men and women are drawn to elephant hair jewelry including many who are famous. These famous people and celebrities include Prince Andrew and Prince William of England, the American actor George Clooney, the American politician John McCain, Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist, and the legendary aviator Amelia Earhart

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